APUSH 2021 Exam May 19th 9:00am Online/Digital

This month students should take the key steps needed to get ready for their digital AP Exams:

  • Please log in to your MyAP account to confirm your email address and exam dates. 
  • If exam dates are NOT correct, email Rachel Amato (ramato@sandi.net) ASAP
  • If there is no exam listed, sorry but AP will no longer allow orders. 

• Step 1: Download and install the 2021 AP digital testing application and log in.

• Step 2: Practice with example questions in the app.

Digital Testing App Now Available

The 2021 AP digital testing app is now available, and students can download the app at cb.org/ap2021examapp.

Students taking digital AP Exams must download and install the app on their testing computer, and log in with their College Board username and password. 

Digital Practice Available by April 12

Digital practice will roll out over several days. It will be added to the app starting April 8 and will be available for all digital exam subjects by April 12. Practicing with example questions in the digital testing app is the best way for students to prepare for digital exams.

Students can:

• Try each type of multiple-choice and/or free-response question they’ll encounter on exam day.

• Preview the flow of the exam and practice using the tools and features in the app.

• Confirm that their technology works as expected.

Students will have access to two practice options:

• Digital Practice: A longer option students can use to fully explore the digital testing application.

• App Demo: A shorter option students can use to quickly confirm that the application is correctly installed, that questions display appropriately, and that they can enter answers.

I strongly recommend that all students  do one of these practice options.

Good Luck Mr. Brown