Periods 5 &6 (1848-1898)
Chapters 13-19 

Gilder Lehrman Institute AP Review Videos

Period 5 (1844-1877)

Period 6 (1865-1898)

Adam Norris APUSH Period 5-6 Key Concept Review

Period 5 (1844--1877)

Period 6 (1865-1898)

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

National Expansion and Reform 1815-1860

Civil War and Reconstruction 1861-1877

The Rise of Industrial America 1877-1900

John Green Crash Course Review 

War and Expansion

Election of 1860 and the Road to Disunion

Reconstruction and 1876 Election

Westward Expansion 1860-1890

The Industrial Economy 1865-1910

Urbanization and Immigration

Gilded Age Politics

The Progressive Era

American Imperialism

Adam Norris PowerPoint Review

C13 The Impending Crisis

C14 Civil War

C15 Reconstruction

C16 The Conquest of the Far West

C17 Industrial Supremacy

Big Business

Labor Unions

C18 The Age of the City

New Immigration 

Political Machines

C19 From Crisis to Empire

Election 1896

C19 Spanish American War

Latin American Foreign Policy

BT Washington and W.E.B DuBois 

Lecture Outlines

National Expansion 1800-1848

Decade of Controversy 1850s

Secession and Civil War 1860-1865

The American West 1860-1890

American Industrialization 1865-1900

Immigration 1880-1910

Railroads 1840-1890

The Rise of Labor

The Rise of the American City

Urbanization and Political Machines

Politics of the Gilded Age 1877-1900

The National Grange 1870-1890

The Populist Crusade 1890s

The Spanish American War

Class PowerPoints

Period 5 (1844-1877)

Period 6-7 (1890-1945)

Key Terms

US History Review

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Presidential Review