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1/24 period 5-6

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

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PERIOD 1 (1491-1607)

PERIOD 2 (1607-1754)

PERIOD 3 (1750-1800)

PERIOD 4 (1800-1848)

PERIOD 5 (1844-1877)

PERIOD 6 (1865-1898)

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

Timelines, Articles, Video clips

The Americas to 1620 

Colonization and Settlement 1585-1763

The American Revolution 1763-1783

The New Nation 1783-1815

National Expansion and Reform 1815-1860

Civil War and Reconstruction 1861-1877


The Rise of Industrial America 1877-1900

Lecture Outlines 

Three Worlds Collide

Colonial Settlement 1607-1680 

Puritanism 1

Puritanism 2 

18th Century American Colonies 

Slavery in American Colonies 

Great Awakening 

Road to Revolution 1744-1763 notes 

Prologue to Revolution 1763-1775

Road to Revolution 1763-1776 notes

The Articles of Confederation

Constitutional Development

Miracle at Philadelphia 1787

The Federalist Era 1789-1801

The Jeffersonian Era 1800-1816

War of 1812

The Legacy of the Marshall Court

Jacksonian Era 1828-1844

The Peculiar Institution 1

The Peculiar Institution

Antebellum Reform

National Expansion 1800-1848

Decade of Controversy 1850s

Secession and Civil War 1860-1865

The American West 1860-1890

American Industrialization 1865-1900

Immigration 1880-1910

Railroads 1840-1890

The Rise of Labor

The Rise of the American City

Urbanization and Political Machines

Politics of the Gilded Age 1877-1900

Chapters 1-6 (1607-1800)

Crash Course Review

Colonizing America

The Atlantic Slave Trade

The Natives and the English

Colonial America

French and Indian War

Road to the American Revolution

The American Revolution

The Constitution

The Federalist Era

Chapters 7-18 (1800-1877)

Crash Course Review

Jeffersonian Democracy

War of 1812

Market Revolution


The Age of Jackson

Antebellum Reform

Women in the 19th Century

War and Expansion

Election of 1860 and the Road to Disunion

The Civil War

The Civil War pt.2

Reconstruction and 1876 Election

Westward Expansion 1860-1890

The Industrial Economy 1865-1910

Urbanization and Immigration

Adam Norris PowerPoint Review

C1 The Collision of Culture

C2 Transplantations and Borderlands

C3 Society and Culture in Colonial America

Rebellion and Conflict in the Colonial Era

1st and 2nd Great Awakenings

C4 Empire in Transition

C5 The American Revolution

C6 The Constitution and the New Republic

C7 The Jeffersonian Era

C8 Varieties of American Nationalism

C9 The Age of Jackson

C10 America's Economic Revolution

C11 Slavery and the Old South

C12 Antebellum Reform

C13 The Impending Crisis

C14 Civil War

C15 Reconstruction

C16 The Conquest of the Far West

C17 Industrial Supremacy

Big Business

Labor Unions

C18 The Age of the City

New Immigration

Key Terms